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Your Guides at BowCrow Fishing Adventures...

Maxwell Robinson:
Your Outfitter and Head Guide, Maxwell Robinson.
Max is one of the most fish-catching guides on the Bow River...just ask our clients who have gone out with him, or any of the members of Fly Fish Calgary, an online forum he helps lead. The secret to his success? He pretty much LIVES on this river! Well, he actually hangs his waders about 15 minutes from the Bow, but you'll find him on the river nearly every day exploring new runs, trying new flies, observing bugs, getting reaquainted with old piscatorial friends...you get the idea. The result is he gets our clients into fish when many guides working the river return empty-handed.
Max enjoys taking clients out on both float trips and walk-and-wade excursions on the bow and our mountain streams. While the boat allows anglers to see more of the river, Max is an expert and stalking big rainbows and browns along the shorelines of the bow or chasing wild cutthroat on the east slope streams.
He's also one of the pioneers of flyfishing the Bow with spey (double-handed) rods.
He is also a bull trout junkie, spending a good chunk of his time in the spring/summer hunting these large and elusive char on our eastslope streams. so no matter where you want to fish in southern Alberta, he's an excellent companion to help you get into lots of fish.
We are confident Maxwell's enthusiasm for fly fishing will rub off on you during your trip with us.

Mike Algar

Mike has been guiding fly fishers of all ability levels in southern Alberta since 2004. His true love is the Bow River but is just as keen to guide interested anglers throughout the majority of Alberta's fishy waters. He can be found on the freestone streams of the Rocky's frontal range, alpine lakes or even the eastern Alberta slews hunting Large Northern Pike in the early spring. He is an artist, photographer, fanatical fly fisher and is just as comfortable in the outdoors and the back country as he is anywhere.
When it comes to fly fishing, he enjoys fishing new waters for all different species of sport fish large and small. From the Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi River in eastern Canada to the Striped Bass of California's Lower Sacramento River to fishing the flats of the Bahamas and the majestic rivers of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Mikes is constantly adding to his bag of tricks as a guide and is continually sharpening and fine tuning his skills more and more each season. Though he is not a newcomer to guiding, his passion for the sport and the job continues to grow with every day spent on the water. Mike is a modest, courteous, and confident guide who will always put the wishes of his clients first.


Max and massive bull trout well over 30in

Max and happy client with Bow River bullet


About Our Company:
BowCrow Fishing Adventures is entering its 23rd season in 2022. The vision since its inception has been to provide discerning flyfishers from across the globe as well as local anglers who were new to the sport or frustrated with their current success levels with a phenomenal trout fishing experience on SW Alberta's world-class rivers.
Our philosophy for our trips is this: First and foremost, they must be fun! Most of us didn't get into fly fishing for more stress in our lives! In fact, fly fishing provides an opportunity to connect with the natural world like few other sports. That's one of the reasons we specialize in walk-and-wade trips to smaller, freestone rivers...it provides an experience of intimacy with the trout, the streams, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains they are found in. After all, fly fishing is re-creation!
We will be happy to teach you the proper presentation for the conditions we experience on your trip and help you select appropriate flies and methods. We will spend as much time helping you get the hang of presenting your fly as is necessary.
Most days an experienced angler with one of our guides will have a fantastic day in terms of fishing success, and the rookie angler will do a lot of learning and catch a few fish along the way. If no or very few fish were caught, and the trip was not enjoyable or you feel you did not receive your money's worth, we have no problem with refunding a portion of your payment or booking a second outing. There have been times when after a few hours of fishing we have called off the day due to bad weather or poor conditions and rebooked our clients (at no extra charge, of course).
We are genuinely excited about the possibility of introducing you to our rivers and the fish they are home to. Please don't hesitate to drop us an email or call if you have any questions or want to pursue booking a time with us. 
We're looking forward to guiding you on a world-class Alberta stream this season!

Check out our trip information page for rates and a detailed description of what we have to offer you!